Icetank - London's new full-service, advertising imagery production studio.

Services include: full creative conception, art direction, photography, creative retouching, product film production, venue hire.

We are a team of 17 creatives from a variety of areas including still life photography and commercial filming.
Our specialties are products, jewellery, watches, food, drink, fashion & toiletries.
Our photographers and creative team are well experienced in working on high-profile global projects.
Located in the heart of London Covent Garden, our facilities and studio's are available for hire for press launches, corporate events & film shoots.
The studios

We have over 7000 sq feet of purposely built studio space in the hart of London including 5 studios and 4 kitchens. The main studio has a 25 x 12 meter infinity cove with easy access.

We have at our disposal the latest high-end camera equipment and lighting, full retouching facilities, editing suite and a large prop room for food shoots. We also have a fully equipped workshop giving us a great advantage as we can build and develop all kinds of rigs and test complex mechanical devices that you may require to get that never before seen shot again and again. By having all the tools and materials at hand gives us the flexibility to change and fine tune setups even during shooting and act on ideas as creativity strikes.

We can handle the most complex commercial project. Our Covent Garden location close to Soho has many advantages with easy access for all involved in the production. For client travelling from abroad please see our partner hotels.
Slow motion Phantom film camera.

We shoot seriously fast high speed at 1500 frames per second at 1920 x1080 HD resolution. Images can be captured with full colour resolution. This camera is designed with the optical specifications of traditional 35 mm cameras, so the same lenses can be used to achieve the same depth of field.

Filming from this camera can easily be mixed and matched with normal 35 mm footage. This camera has several advantages over traditional 35 mm high speed cameras as the takes can be immediately reviewed in slow motion at full resolution. No more hopping and waiting for rushes to come back and no more missed shots, as the camera records all the time and pressing the shutter tells it to keep what it has just recorded.

The Phantom has a number of other advanced including an internal capping shutter, Image-based auto-trigger camera synchronization. As there are no moving parts in this camera, there is no need to keep it in a still position and can be moved quickly around opening up a whole new world of creativity.
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